Penny Stocks

My opinion on penny stocks: donít buy them.
Infinium Labs was supposed to come out with this revolutionary supscription based gaming console based on Windows XP. I was just learning about stocks, and I played a lot of PC games, so this sounded awesome! Plus, Kevin Bacchus, one of the pioneers of the Xbox was CEO. I bought 100 shares of IFLB.OB for $0.55/share. With E*Tradeís $19.99 commission and $3 fees, I spent $77.99. Right now itís worth about 1 cent. It would cost more for me to sell it than to do nothing until it goes bankrupt. They have no revenue. Kevin Bacchus is no longer the CEO. Last time I checked, instead of selling the console or service, they are going to sell the lapboard interface that they designed for it. At least they are trying to do something. But as a friend once told me, penny stocks are worth less than $1 for a reason.